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  1. AustriaYT


    Version 1.0.0


    I don´t have a description Lol.
  2. AustriaYT


    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Game mod Five RP from the developer Deluxe for RAGE Multiplayer Description: Development is underway from December 5, 2018. The programming language in which the mod is written: C # (server side) and JS (client side). Developer: Deluxe Development stopped on 01/07/2019, details below: Installation: - Put all files from client-resources to client_packages - Create a FiveRP folder in bridge / recorces - Place all files from server-files in bridge / resources / FiveRP - Open settings.xml in the bridge folder and enter <resource src = "FiveRP" /> - Open meta.xml in the FiveRP folder and enter your database (host, username, password, database) - Open the FiveRP.sln project file using Visual Studio and compile - After compilation, go to NewProject / bin / release / netcoreapp2.0 and drag FiveRP.dll into bridge / resources / FiveRP - Import SQL file in DB folder to your database - start the server
  3. AustriaYT

    HI! Got a few questions!

    Ohhh yeah. :3
  4. AustriaYT

    AVG Premium Key´s

    Version 1.0.0


    YEAH YEAH YEAH MORE KEYSSSSSSSSSSS :§ Ps : Support only in English or German!
  5. AVG Premium Key´s View File YEAH YEAH YEAH MORE KEYSSSSSSSSSSS :§ Ps : Support only in English or German! Submitter AustriaYT Submitted 09/14/2019 Category Others Demo  
  6. Nordvpn Premium Acc View File Nordvpn = Best Vpn ;3 PS: Support only in German or English :3 Submitter AustriaYT Submitted 09/14/2019 Category Others Demo  
  7. AustriaYT

    Nordvpn Premium Acc

    Version 1.0.0


    Nordvpn = Best Vpn ;3 PS: Support only in German or English :3
  8. AustriaYT

    Avast free Premium Key

    Version 1.0.0


    Long long Time ago the Austria as upload a thing but now i´m here and now you have a present :3
  9. Avast free Premium Key View File Long long Time ago the Austria as upload a thing but now i´m here and now you have a present :3 Submitter AustriaYT Submitted 09/14/2019 Category Others Demo  
  10. AustriaYT


  11. Yeah you need to buy VIP for the iphonex.
  12. AustriaYT

    Maverick Script Destek

    Hey Guy you can translate the Maverick Scripts on turkish in the config.cpp data. Sorry i can´t Turkish
  13. Project Hospital Cracked View File Hey Guys i test my on Game cracks and this is the game that i cracked have fun with it. Languages: Interface Full Audio Subtitles English ✔ French ✔ German ✔ Spanish - Spain ✔ Czech ✔ ABOUT THIS GAME Become an ace doctor, an aspiring architect and a successful manager at the same time. Design your very own hospital, tweak every detail or use one of the predefined models and just jump to the doctor’s duty.Contract different insurance companies to gain access to patients with interesting medical conditions, perform examinations, laboratory tests and use various equipment to solve the diagnostic puzzles. Hospitalize your patients, perform surgery and more!Use a collection of various objects, materials and colors to make it truly yours or save your time and use one of many different prefabs.From hiring to specializations, from doctors to janitors, make sure everybody is doing a great job and finds satisfaction in their work.Help your doctors and walk them through the most complicated cases or just follow your favorite patients.There are a few different modes in Project Hospital: Tutorial levels will guide your through the basics of treating patients and running hospitals. Sandbox mode offers endless hours of content, building anything from small clinics to huge multi-storey hospitals, starting from scratch or in one of pre-built hospitals or clinics in case you want to jump straight into management. Run you own ambulance service and help handle events and emergencies. The campaign will put you in the shoes of a crisis manager trying to save a few hospitals in critical state. 6 challenge levels will test your skills and let you focus on the intricate details of individual specialized departments. Community translations are in progress for more languages. Submitter AustriaYT Submitted 05/16/2019 Category Others Demo  
  14. AustriaYT

    [QUESTION] What should I leake?

    Sorry i can´t leak the Server because i can German but not so much. And they have a Maverick Decryption and Actuall is it not crackable
  15. AustriaYT

    [QUESTION] What should I leake?

    Yeah i looked the File and the have this Decrypted with Maverick | Mikreo and with another Stuff and WOW this is a Obfusqate Method I can not crack so WOW. It is a wonder that the server can still read so ajajaja

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