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  1. Altis Life 5.0 incl. OPFOR with some Apps View File Hey Guys, today i was release a complete Framework from "Kuchenplatte" on Native-Network. I Have edited this Framework with the following Apps: - AllianceApps "Locker-System" - AllianceApps "Gang-System" - The-Programmer "Repair-Man" I know, it was easy to install this Scripts, but why more work as u need?? ^^ For a Basic Server u can use this Framework. I hope, it helps u more out Greetings ^^ Submitter radiatos Submitted 10/15/2019 Category ARMA 3  
  2. hm...there stands i need a license number...where can i get?
  3. radiatos

    Around me..

    Hey Guys, i´m often here and u have very many content. is there new stuff?
  4. radiatos


    yea thank for ur response. I´ve installed this and it works fine! the cameras r on the map with coordinates! thank u for this files !
  5. radiatos


    Hey Guys, i´ve downloaded these speedcamera files. do i must implement these models or how can i get this to worked?
  6. radiatos

    [LEAK] infiSTAR v258!

    it´s the newer version from him...it´s not my e-mail adress so... ^^
  7. radiatos

    [LEAK] infiSTAR v258!

    Hello Guys, here ist the v258 from 2018 ( ??? )...i don´t know... have fun ^^ infiSTAR v258 LEAK.rar
  8. radiatos


    Hello Guys, how can i install this shipwreck script?

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