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  1. Raul125

    Dynamic Market and iphone from The Programmer

    Sure, this are the lastest, not cracked. Iphone-X.zip Dynamic-Market.zip
  2. Raul125

    [DOWNLOADS]Itsleigham’s XPhone

    No idea, i think the files are not working...
  3. Raul125

    [DOWNLOADS]Itsleigham’s XPhone

    Test this: lega_xphone/config.cpp = [Hidden Content] lega_xphoneusableitems/config.cpp = [Hidden Content]
  4. Raul125

    KaidenSmith Bleedout System

    Functions are missing
  5. Raul125

    [DOWNLOADS]Itsleigham’s XPhone

    14:49:28 File lega_xphone\config.cpp, line 22: '/cfgFunctions/Lega_xPhone_Functions/Init/Lega_xPhone.preInit': Missing ';' prior '}' 14:49:28 File lega_xphoneusableitems\config.cpp, line 18: '/cfgFunctions/Lega_xPhone_UsableItemFunctions/Lega_xPhone_UsableItemFunctions_client.file': Missing ';' at the end of line
  6. P3D Debinarizer View File Enjoy Submitter Raul125 Submitted 01/26/2020 Category ARMA 3  
  7. Raul125


    I Found this via google, and i like it.

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