I’m Levent Mehmed. I live in Bornem (BE), a small but l💓vely town.

I’ve loved tech since I know myself. When I was a little kid I runned away from school to the nearest internet cafe and admired how they play. When I had the pennys I also rented a seat for few minutes, because I had not the money to rent for more. However my mother always got notified that I was in the internet cafe The first computer that I owned was a loud & dirty one that had Windows 95 as the operating system.

The only thing I loved more than computers as a kid was handball. When I was 10, our little remote city joined a national tournement and we won the second place in our first match. However I got injured and since than I never really resumed playing professionally again.

Currently beside programming I spend my time to take long walks in the green beautiful parks of Belgium. When I’m not walking than you can find me fix little chores in my car or at our home. Never really taking a break.

In the future I plan to work as full-time full stack developer in my current place (Yucopia). Not because I’m lazy of studying further for the Master but because I feel I can learn more on the field than in front of the desks listening to education that was best practice 10 years ago. Writing code is what inspires me. Writing code is what makes you a good/better developer. Code is just zeros and ones.

In code we trust.