I'm Levent Mehmed. I live in Bornem (BE), a small but lđź’“vely town.

Since I can remember, my passion for technology has been unwavering. During my early childhood, I would sneak away from school to the nearest internet cafe, marveling at the users engrossed in their activities. With whatever spare change I had, I could only afford a few minutes of usage, but my visits were often reported to my mother.

My first computer, a noisy and outdated machine running Windows 95, became my prized possession. Alongside my love for computers, I was equally passionate about handball during my younger years. At the age of 10, our remote town participated in a national tournament, where we secured the second position in our debut match. Unfortunately, I sustained an injury that prevented me from pursuing professional play thereafter.

Presently, aside from my programming endeavors, I find solace in leisurely walks amidst the serene and verdant parks of Belgium. When I'm not strolling, you can find me tending to minor tasks on my car or around our home, hardly ever taking a break.

Looking ahead, my aspiration is to become a full-time full stack developer at my current workplace, Yucopia. This decision is not borne out of laziness to pursue further studies for a Master's degree, but rather my belief that I can gain more practical knowledge in the field than within the confines of a classroom, where educational approaches may be outdated. For me, coding is the source of inspiration and the pathway to becoming a skilled and proficient developer. It is fascinating to realize that code ultimately boils down to zeros and ones.

In code we trust.